20th Day of Recovery!

Nothing new really today. I didn’t sleep well last night so I didn’t get up until noon. I got up and ate and went back to sleep. My appetite is off. Nothing sounds appetizing. I wanted a salad for dinner and I normally hate salad.

I’m not constipated really but its can be hard to do a number 2 so I have been drinking prune juice and eating prunes.

Tomorrow is an important day. I start my notetaker job and I have to get my books at the college bookstore because financial aid will be available tomorrow. I only need two books. My spanish book I have already because I got it for Spanish 1 and the good thing is the online stuff and the book is good for THREE spanish classes. I should get much more financial aid money sent home to me in Feb. I have to be at the H.R. building at CTC at 4:30 to get officially hired. Give them my I.D.s and stuff. Hopefully they don’t say anything about me using a walker. The job doesn’t require anything but my hands really.

Here is a picture of my dog and I. She is using the walker’s handles as a headrest. Anything soft and she uses it. She is a chihuahua. A deer chihuahua.

My three legged chihuahua and I.  That is my walker I'm sitting in.

My three legged chihuahua and I. That is my walker I’m sitting in.


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