22nd day of Recovery!

I’m tired and stressed out and its been a long week, and its only started. I went to CTC again and got my staff ID card and Staff parking sticker. I also talked to my supervisor and she was not concerned about me using a walker at all. I mentioned it and said it was only temporary. She asked me how my surgery went since I did mention it to her during my interview previously. I told her, it went well. That is my hope and I can’t wait for my 6 week post op appointment and X-rays. I have to go to a Training class Friday from 8-11 am as well as take a online training class to get a certificate to give to her.

When the first week of school starts on the 14th, I will know my schedule then. The students have to request a notetaker and then my supervisor tells me where to go and who to meet. It like I’m a student for them. One thing I’m good at, is being a student.

My left arm hurt so much in the morning when I woke up. My left arm is my bad arm, that has a cartilage mass on it. Its from me walking around too much yesterday at CTC trying to pay for my classes and get my books. I started to write a poem about pain. I have two lines started.


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