X-rays of Left Humerus before Biopsy and Mass Removal

humerus before surgery 2

humerus before surgery

If you compare the before and after, you can see the tissue around it is bigger and the after X-rays don’t have that hinge you can see in here going through the middle. The mass was on the whole humerus almost but only extended out to the back side of my upper arm. The final diagnosis, was a osteochondroma, like my other mass on my rib and under my sternum. I had a CT scan of my chest to make sure nothing spread into my lungs. I had a MRI of my humerus and whole body skeleton scan. The Skeleton Scan is how Dr. Ward found my last cartilage mass under my sternum. After the MRI and other tests, I went in for a biopsy, which is a surgery, to me. Then after waiting two months for the hospital/doctor to tell me the results. The type of mass removal would be based on the results. Since it came back benign/low-grade, the doctor took off just the extended part of the mass, that was bothering me. If it was malignant, the doctor told me, I would lose the whole arm. Good thing it was not.


6 Month Post op X-rays

humerus oct 26 2

humerus oct 26These are my 6 month post-op X-rays. Dr. Ward says everything looks good and I just need to watch it and have it X-rayed every year to monitor it. The biopsy for it came back benign to low-grade. He was not really specific in his answer but its nothing to worry about. It a cartilage mass(Osteochondroma), that grew on my humerus bone. I have others. I have a cartilage mass on my 5th rib down and under my sternum.

Left Arm Humerus Mass

I noticed this mass on my upper left arm in May 2010. It steadily got bigger, until it was about the size of a baseball or tennis ball. It became extremely painful. I went to the emergency room in August 2011 from pain from this mass and pain from my hips. When I was down town getting a Pap Smear done, they told me about the free clinic. I went to the free clinic and had to stand outside for hours until they opened the doors. They only allow a certain number of people to be seen in one day. They only see people twice a week. Anyways, I got screened, and saw someone. I got referred to Scott and White in Temple, Tx. I then went to Scott and Whites’ business office to schedule a appointment. I then got screened for other charity programs at Scott and White. They gave me info on Bell County Indigent Health Care. Since I have no income, Bell County Indigent is the best for me. It takes a while to get approved so while I was waiting for my approval from Bell County Indigent, I was under free clinic, to see Dr. Ward about my left arm mass. As long as it was under the same problem, I did not have to go back to the free clinic for approval, but I did have to get approval for each new appointment through the business office. A lot of paperwork, but well worth it, in the end.