17th Day of Recovery

I woke up in pain. I elevated my feet last night and I guess I should not have stayed elevated the whole night. My back hurts and my leg hurts. My leg was stiff.

I got a call from the hospital this morning. Physical therapy now is too early, which I knew it was. I’ll find out more about if I’ll have physical therapy at my 6 week post-op appointment with the doctor.

Other than that their is nothing new.


16th Day of Recovery and 2 week Post-op Appointment

Today is the first day I slept in to about 10 am. Today I think is a good day. My 2 week Post-op appointment is today at 2:30. I’m about ready to get these staples out.

Another first, is I was able to get into the shower by myself. I got up and my mom was in the kitchen and didn’t notice. Its a tub and I have a shower chair. I used my walker and got into the seat and swung my legs over into the tub all by myself. After I got started showering, my mother came over and said how did you get in there by yourself? Why didn’t you call me? She still is concerned and thinks I should not do anything. I was able to cut my dog’s toe nails last night. Sitting down of course with her on my bathroom counter. Shes a chihuahua. My mom was upset I did that, but its good to be mobile and do things at this stage.

I can move my operated leg almost without me holding it. I still have to hold it, but not completely.

My mom added a cushion to my walker’s handles. I hope it helps. I will be using my walker and not my crutches. Today will be my first official day out of the house. I don’t count the first day home. I wonder how many people will stare at me using my walker? Below is a picture of me about to head out for my post-op appointment. My feet were too swollen for almost all my shoes. The only ones that fit are a pair of ugly brown crocs I have. I hope the swelling goes down before school starts on the 14th.


RPAO 12-19-12 (2) crop

RPAO 12-19-12 (3) crop

RPAO 12-19-12 crop

Above, are my hip X-rays taken a day after my RPAO surgery. I got these today when I went for my 2 week post-op appt. She took the staples out and everything is good. She is going to ask the doctor about physical therapy and I’ll find out about that. She told me I could use vitamen e on the incision later at about 6 weeks, after I see the doctor for my post-op then. For now, nothing on the incision. It actually hurt when she took the staples out. Mostly on the lower part of the incision. She put on steristrips and taped a bandage over it. The bandage is just supposed to stay on until I get home. I guess they can’t let patients leave without one. The steristrips will come off in a week. Just for precaution, they are there.

My left hip almost did not make the trip because its giving out of me because its holding all my weight. I made it though. I did not use a wheelchair at the hospital because I felt I could use my walker. People sure like to stare at a young person using a walker. I even had a lesbian couple say to me in the elevator that its hard, isn’t it. I told them, yes it is. I also told them, its better than crutches. They told me I was doing well at 2 weeks post-op. They were just curious. I can’t believe I got 5 pins. I was expecting 3 or 4.

15th day of Recovery on NEW YEARS!

My mom last night said to me at midnight, to become healthy for 2013. Don’t I wish I could become healthy and normal. My 2 week follow-up is tomorrow and I get the staples taken out.

I feel kind of crappy. Not fully crappy but just at the brink of crappy. I experimented with crushes yesterday to give my hands a break from the walker. Their normal under arm crutches but are not so hard on my hands. My carpel tunnel was killing me. This morning, I tried to use the crutches again and my underarms hurt so bad, I almost collapsed trying to use them. My left armpit is especially painful. Well, there goes my plan to use them. Someone mentioned getting crutches that attach to your forearms, but I can’t go out and get anything like that right now.

My mom had to pay for the shower chair which was 40 dollars and I’m not going to ask her to pay for anything else. My walker was paid by insurance but my insurance will not pay for anything new. I have a maximum allowed and I have used it all with this surgery. I’m just glad I was able to have this surgery done. I have a complicated insurance. My mom will be adding cushion to the crutches and walker and I hope it will help.

My left hip is getting weaker and giving out on me, because its a bad hip too, and I’ve been putting all my weight on it. I don’t think it can take much more but I have many more weeks to go before I can put weight on my right hip.

2 Week Post-Op Recovery on New Year’s Eve

I had a really bad day yesterday. I was in a lot of pain. The good news, the elephant feet are completely gone.

My mom was helping me get into bed and hit my right side playfully. I can get into bed myself but sometimes she just can’t help, helping me. She forgot about my surgery. Ouch!! So, I don’t know if it was that, or just because I was not feeling well. I normally have no problems getting into bed, and I almost could not get into bed, without help. Maybe the 2 week post-op mark is really hard. My mom has been noticing even before she hit me by accident, that I have been getting worse.

My hands are becoming a real problem. I have carpul tunnel and my hands hurt from using the walker. Maybe, I have to alternate with the crutches?

My god parents came to visit me again today. Since I was sitting up for a while I was tired after they left. I layed down for a while reading because now its comfortable to lay my leg flat.

I have slowed down in taking my medication. I’ve been forgetting to take it, but maybe thats why I had a bad day yesterday. I’m still taking tramadol, oxycodone, norco and aspirin. I alternate the norco and oxycodone.

13th day of Recovery!

I still have elephant feet, but it does not feel as bad. I guess it will go away, as my mobility goes up.

My experiment with how I slept, was a success. I stacked up the pillows and put another blanket behind me to keep me elevated at an angle, like a hospital bed. My back did not hurt as much. Just a tiny bit. I was able to get up without struggling. I slept to almost 8 in the morning. Thats the latest I have slept until, so far. I only got up because my mom brought me breakfast before she went to church.

The elephant feet culprit was the TED stockings. I took them off but before I did it looks like the stockings were constricting my ankle in two spots. My feet hurt so bad. I layed down with my feet up for a couple of hours and my feet look almost normal now.

12th Day of Recovery or Set Back

I woke up in pain. My back was hurting so bad, I had to get up. Counting the one time at 1 am that I woke up in pain. It happened twice. I have not got any sleep.

I was feeling really uncomfortable and could barely move like I have been. My mom says I’m not getting better, I’m getting worse.

As I was getting ready for my shower, I find out my op foot is swollen. It was about triple the size of my normal foot size. I’m a little worried. I had on the TED stockings but I think it happened because I put a pillow behind my op knee to keep it bent overnight. So, I’m not going to do that anymore.

After my shower, I guess I feel better, but my foot is still swollen. My mom got me briefs that almost came up to my breasts. Wow. My mom was worried about the incision, if she got normal underwear. They were also size 9, and they were extra loose. Yeah, I’m back to going commando, until she goes back to the store to get the correct underwear. She will get boyshorts this time.

She didn’t get boyshorts for me but she got low rise briefs size 8. They fit perfectly unfortunately. I need to be much smaller. They don’t bother my incision, even with staples. I even feel normal now. Because I have been going commando in the beginning of my recovery or been wearing a make shift underwear because they were too tight. The side of my incision, the panties were cut and extended. It worked.

Other than that, my mom and my chihuahua, have been having a war with each other. My dog Amber, is 10 years old, and set in her ways. When she does not want to go outside, it takes my mom forever to get her to go. When she does not want to come inside, she screams bloody murder, if my mom tries to get her to come inside.

This morning, I tell her to leave her alone, if she does not want to go outside. My mom wants the dog to go outside to pee and save the potty pad inside. The problem with that, is the weather. When its cold, she does not want to go outside. My mom won’t win this fight. My mom said this morning she is tired of taking care of me and my dog. She was partially joking. This surgery has been hard on her, because she has to take care of me all the time. I started to feel independent, but today is one mayor set back, which will take a lot longer to become independent.

I’m supposed to start a job on Jan 7th and my mom told me I better not take the job. I’m going to give myself another couple of days and think about taking the job as planned or declining the job offer.

11th day of Recovery

In an extreme amount of pain this morning. I woke up in pain. Never good. It took me a while to push myself up and move into a sitting position. My operated leg feels really swollen. I could barely make it to the bathroom with my walker, like I normally can do. My hands hurt and even though I am not putting weight on my right leg, any time I hop on my good leg, it hurts the bad one. It was also cold this morning. I now have my jacket on and I feel like my body and leg have been warmed up and not so stiff anymore.

When I layed down today, I put a folded blanket under my op leg to keep it bended some. It seemed to help the tight, swollen feeling when I got up.

My mom brought me a Starbucks coffee! Pepperment Mocha Frappucino! Compliments to my brother and his wife. They gave me a Starbucks gift card for christmas, among other things. Even better, my brother said it had 5 dollars, but it had 20 dollars. Now I have 15 dollars left on it. Thats three more coffees. Next time, I’m getting a caramel brullee. I forgot about that one. Too bad I can’t drive myself yet.