6 Month Post op X-rays

humerus oct 26 2

humerus oct 26These are my 6 month post-op X-rays. Dr. Ward says everything looks good and I just need to watch it and have it X-rayed every year to monitor it. The biopsy for it came back benign to low-grade. He was not really specific in his answer but its nothing to worry about. It a cartilage mass(Osteochondroma), that grew on my humerus bone. I have others. I have a cartilage mass on my 5th rib down and under my sternum.


Left Arm Humerus Mass

I noticed this mass on my upper left arm in May 2010. It steadily got bigger, until it was about the size of a baseball or tennis ball. It became extremely painful. I went to the emergency room in August 2011 from pain from this mass and pain from my hips. When I was down town getting a Pap Smear done, they told me about the free clinic. I went to the free clinic and had to stand outside for hours until they opened the doors. They only allow a certain number of people to be seen in one day. They only see people twice a week. Anyways, I got screened, and saw someone. I got referred to Scott and White in Temple, Tx. I then went to Scott and Whites’ business office to schedule a appointment. I then got screened for other charity programs at Scott and White. They gave me info on Bell County Indigent Health Care. Since I have no income, Bell County Indigent is the best for me. It takes a while to get approved so while I was waiting for my approval from Bell County Indigent, I was under free clinic, to see Dr. Ward about my left arm mass. As long as it was under the same problem, I did not have to go back to the free clinic for approval, but I did have to get approval for each new appointment through the business office. A lot of paperwork, but well worth it, in the end.