16th Day of Recovery and 2 week Post-op Appointment

Today is the first day I slept in to about 10 am. Today I think is a good day. My 2 week Post-op appointment is today at 2:30. I’m about ready to get these staples out.

Another first, is I was able to get into the shower by myself. I got up and my mom was in the kitchen and didn’t notice. Its a tub and I have a shower chair. I used my walker and got into the seat and swung my legs over into the tub all by myself. After I got started showering, my mother came over and said how did you get in there by yourself? Why didn’t you call me? She still is concerned and thinks I should not do anything. I was able to cut my dog’s toe nails last night. Sitting down of course with her on my bathroom counter. Shes a chihuahua. My mom was upset I did that, but its good to be mobile and do things at this stage.

I can move my operated leg almost without me holding it. I still have to hold it, but not completely.

My mom added a cushion to my walker’s handles. I hope it helps. I will be using my walker and not my crutches. Today will be my first official day out of the house. I don’t count the first day home. I wonder how many people will stare at me using my walker? Below is a picture of me about to head out for my post-op appointment. My feet were too swollen for almost all my shoes. The only ones that fit are a pair of ugly brown crocs I have. I hope the swelling goes down before school starts on the 14th.


RPAO 12-19-12 (2) crop

RPAO 12-19-12 (3) crop

RPAO 12-19-12 crop

Above, are my hip X-rays taken a day after my RPAO surgery. I got these today when I went for my 2 week post-op appt. She took the staples out and everything is good. She is going to ask the doctor about physical therapy and I’ll find out about that. She told me I could use vitamen e on the incision later at about 6 weeks, after I see the doctor for my post-op then. For now, nothing on the incision. It actually hurt when she took the staples out. Mostly on the lower part of the incision. She put on steristrips and taped a bandage over it. The bandage is just supposed to stay on until I get home. I guess they can’t let patients leave without one. The steristrips will come off in a week. Just for precaution, they are there.

My left hip almost did not make the trip because its giving out of me because its holding all my weight. I made it though. I did not use a wheelchair at the hospital because I felt I could use my walker. People sure like to stare at a young person using a walker. I even had a lesbian couple say to me in the elevator that its hard, isn’t it. I told them, yes it is. I also told them, its better than crutches. They told me I was doing well at 2 weeks post-op. They were just curious. I can’t believe I got 5 pins. I was expecting 3 or 4.


9th day of Recovery

The prune juice and constipation medication worked too well. I just want it to stop. I’m not having diarrhea but its never ending. I went three times this morning and once last night. And I’m not talking about #1.

This morning, I got my mom to put the bedside commode top on the bathroom toilet. She wanted to put the bucket on too. Than there is no purpose of moving it. She thought a gap between the real toilet and the beside would make #1/#2 squirt out. Gravity. So now I have rails and a elevated toilet seat on top of the real toilet so my mom does not have to clean up the stuff. I used it once without the added top and I can do it but I worry about being so low and getting up is a little difficult.

The picture is of my incision. I took the bandage off. My tattoo got a face lift. 😛


My appointment to take the staples out is coming up soon.

My mother's womens group in her church came to visit. They gave me flowers. I have never received this many flowers before. Everytime one of the ladies would ask what kind of surgery I had, I dreaded it, because they don't speak english very well. Korean ladies. I tried my best to explain, but I don't think they got it.






I felt like I could barely walk after I layed down for a while. I got up at 9 pm. A word of the wise, don’t lay down to long. My hands were hurting too! I don’t know why everything hit me at once. I had to get help to get up. Before I layed down, I had a mishap with the walker again. I think I put weight on my op leg for a bit. I also went over the time, I am supposed to take my pain meds. Pain meds are taken and I hope I feel better. I slightly feel better right now.

Recovery Day 6

Score!! I finally had a BM. All those prunes I ate yesterday, as well as the constipation medication I was taking every day since surgery, finally worked. I feel so much better. I would not say I was constipated but it was somewhat hard. I unloaded. 😛

I feel stiffer. Even had a sharp pull at my groin area. It feels tight in that area, even numb. Maybe tight and numb. How long I can sit, seems to be decreasing, instead of increasing. I have been putting ice on the incision area since last night. Seems to help. I did not have my TED stockings on during one part of yesterday, when I had to lay down. I put them back on last night, and still have them on. My mom, for some reason, does not understand why I have to wear them. She says, only during the surgery. It is in black and white in my instructions. Well, at least she gave me the stockings to wear.

She has been real good to me and making me coffee in the mornings. Bringing my coffee into my room, since my walker does not have a cup holder. That really sucks, I wanted a cup holder. My walker has a seat and a soft back to lean against, but no cup holder.

I have a bad memory, so I have been writing my medication on a white board and when I took them. I’m the same, in mobility and movement. Nothing better and nothing worse since yesterday. Sometimes, I still have to have my mom help me pick my leg up or put it down when getting in and out of bed.

One of the nurses broke my cable to charge my nook, so I’m without that until another charging cable comes in from eBay. It was already broken, but she bent it to fix it, which broke finally. I’m not mad. I’ve been trying to use my netbook, as my e-book reader, using calibre but it’s not the same.

The first picture is of my right hip before the surgery. I have a tattoo on my right hip. A mistake when I was 20. 😛 My point is, look how swollen, my hip is compared to before the surgery.

The second picture is of the left side of my stomach, all bruised up from the heparin injections the nurses gave me while I was in the hospital. I don’t have to give myself any, thankfully. I just have to take aspirin and continue wearing the TED stockings.

The last picture is showing my right hip, with the aquacel dressing on. The doctor applied this on before I went home on Friday. I got a quick look at it then. I think the incision goes straight through the tattoo. I’m pretty swollen today, and kind of worried about the puffed up areas coming from the incision area.

I elevated my legs for a while and put a ice pack on the area and now it looks a lot better. My hip did not really look that bad, but the picture above makes it seem so. The positioning of the camera. I am overweight but, as you can see from the before surgery picture, it is swollen. My mom says the marks that are puffed up, are stress marks, because the hip is swollen. The non surgical leg has marks like that too, the only difference now, I can see them real well. My mom was hoping the tattoo would be cut out completely. I would not have cared anyway, if they did or not. The tattoo still looked intact when the doctor changed the bandage Friday.

Discharge Instructions

    I was prescribed Norco/Hydrocodone-Acetam 10-325 mg 1-2 PO. As needed. Oxycodone IR(Oxycodone Immed-Release) 5 mg PO every 6 hours. Promethazine(Phenergan) 25 mg PO every 6 hours.
    Aspirin 325 mg PO Bid for six weeks. I just bought over-the counter. Sennosides 17.2 mg PO while on pain meds to prevent constipation. Any brand is ok for constipation medication.

    TED stockings were sent home with me to use to decrease risk of postoperative complications. Wear for 2-4 weeks.

    Mobilize regularly.

    Incision site care: Aquacel dressing has been applied the day I was discharged. Highly absorbable bandage with a water proof barrier that helps prevent infections. Do not submerge in water. Leave the dressing on for 5-7 days. Also sent home with the incentive spirometer that I was using in the hospital. Deep breathing/practice deep breathing. To strengthen your lungs I believe.

    Do tell your primary care physician and dentist that you had a PAO. Antibiotics may be given to prevent joint infection.

    Keep all follow-up appointments.
    2 week follow-up for wound check/remove staples.
    6 week follow-up with Dr. Allen with preclinic films for postoperative follow-up.

    Toe touch weight-bearing.
    May ice the incision site to reduce swelling or discomfort.

5th Day of Recovery at Home

5th day of recovery at home. My first full day at home. I really did not sleep well. My schedule is all messed up. I woke up at 7 am. I still don’t have much of an appetite but I managed to drink coffee and eat cereal. Still no BM. My god father set up my shower chair and my mom keeps on insisting it’s too high. The higher the better, so I don’t have to bend down to much. I got my walker to fit in the bathroom door sideways. It has a chair on my walker and I lifted the chair up and now it fits. I should have thought of that yesterday. So that fixes me having to use crutches to go to the bathroom. I am still using the bedside toilet because its close and has rails. My mother had to help me lift my surgery leg into the tub, so that went smoothly. My hands hurt from using the walker but I can’t do nothing about that. I feel really stiff but I only took some of the medication perscripted to me because my mom has to pick up the rest later today. Hopefully with everything on board, I’ll feel better. I have been sitting in front of my computer, but only a few minutes at a time. Had to lay down at 9:00 am to rest. Really stiff. My mom left to pick up my meds and getting my lunch was really difficult. She made curry rice for me, but going back and forth to microwave the rice and get my cranberry juice took it all out of me. I don’t have a cup holder on my walker either. I started to hear cracking/popping sounds from my surgery hip. I had those sounds before the surgery too. From what I have heard that is normal during recovery. I’m probably over thinking. The phone rang and I got up with my walker and my walker got stuck on something. OWWEE.. I feel a little nauseous still. I noticed that I bled underneath my bandage. Blood formed about two inches in length. I hope I did not pull anything out. The doctor put in staples instead of sutures. I think I would have rather had sutures.