11th day of Recovery

In an extreme amount of pain this morning. I woke up in pain. Never good. It took me a while to push myself up and move into a sitting position. My operated leg feels really swollen. I could barely make it to the bathroom with my walker, like I normally can do. My hands hurt and even though I am not putting weight on my right leg, any time I hop on my good leg, it hurts the bad one. It was also cold this morning. I now have my jacket on and I feel like my body and leg have been warmed up and not so stiff anymore.

When I layed down today, I put a folded blanket under my op leg to keep it bended some. It seemed to help the tight, swollen feeling when I got up.

My mom brought me a Starbucks coffee! Pepperment Mocha Frappucino! Compliments to my brother and his wife. They gave me a Starbucks gift card for christmas, among other things. Even better, my brother said it had 5 dollars, but it had 20 dollars. Now I have 15 dollars left on it. Thats three more coffees. Next time, I’m getting a caramel brullee. I forgot about that one. Too bad I can’t drive myself yet.